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On May A Hail Of Bullets Ended The Life Of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, Known To His Countrymen As The Goat For His Many Revolting Excesses, After Thirty One Years Of Brutal Rule Over The Dominican Republic This Book Is A Riveting, Minute By Minute Account Of The Plot To Kill Trujillo, Who Was Then The Western Hemisphere S Most Ruthless Dictator, And The Ferocious Wave Of Revenge That Ensued Before His Regime Collapsed The Book Also Reveals The Vacillating Role Of The United States And The CIA In First Propping Up The Dictator, And Then Supplying Weapons To Slay Him Bernard Diederich Knew Most Of Those Involved In The Plot, And Painstakingly Recreates The Events In A Gripping Book That Reads Like A Novel, Which Also Offers Essential Insights Into The History Of A Troubled Caribbean Nation

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    Death, death and death Diederich created a very insightful book in writing The Death of The Dictator, and his attention to details in times, places and names is an example of his journalistic ability Trujillo was a madman, he was an unapologetic dictator who refused to bend for anyone, even in his death and assassination The stories of the assassins were hell and in particular, Antonio De La Maza s involvement from the day his brother was killed to the day he himself was killed after he took Trujillo s life Dominican history will forever be marked by Trujillo s actions over the course of 30 years, and this book did an exemplary job at showing how The decades in which he ruled arguably still have lingering effects, and to know Diederich spoke with those involved firsthand is fascinating and evident in his writings My only complaint was the focus on less than relevant details relating to the people involved In some chapters, plot and less unnecessary details on irrelevant people would ve been better.

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    One of the most chilling books I ve ever read and none of it fictional

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    This is a very intense compilation of the facts, and circumstances of one unbelievably cruel dictatorship and the conditions that helped perpetuate it As a Dominican born after Trujillo s Era, I m very glad and thankful that someone, in this case Mr Diederich having been in such a prominent position as a reporter stationed in the Caribbean during the Trujillo s regime, decided to put together all the information he had access to This book is an amazing source of information for those who wonder why such a cruel dictatorship lasted so long, and why so many atrocities went unpunished until after the death of the dictator.

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    This was a very interesting book about a time of turmoil for Dominican Republic when their Generalisimo was assassinated I could not put it down.

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    I thought this was going to be a biography of Trujillo, but it s really of a blow by blow account of the events that led up to his assassination.