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I watch the drama long before i bought this book The book format is simple and easy to read, as almost all are chatting log Tho i know the direction of this story, it still make me excited when i read the development And to think it is base on real chatting make it feel surreal The people on the thread are really heart warming people, and their support for Train Man is incredible This book also proof of hardwork of people who making big illustration by typing, long before the emoji enter our life Kann ein Buch gut sein, dass im Grunde nur aus einem Mitschnitt aus einem Internetforum besteht Nun, in theoretisch literarischer Hinsicht vielleicht nicht Nichtsdestotrotz ist die angeblich tats chlich wahre Geschichte vom Densha Otoko Train Man, warum man den Originaltitel nicht beibehalten hat, wei der Geier , der sich mit R ckendeckung des kompletten Forums auf die Jagd nach dem Herzen seiner Hermes San macht, sehr unterhaltsam und enth lt ganz nebenbei zwei Botschaften, die durchaus mal ausgesprochen werden d rfen 1 Das Internet muss nicht nur eine Flucht vor der Welt drau en sein, sondern kann in entsprechenden Konstellationen durchaus auch eine Lebenshilfe sein 2 Selbst der gr te Nerd, obwohl, das will ich gar nicht spoilern Also Selber lesen, wie das ganze ausgeht zumindest ich hab nat rlich mal wieder die eine oder andere Tr ne in den Augen gehabt. The novel basically consists of forum posts with ASCII characters by geeks It was from 2 2channel, the anonymous bulletin board The thread was for singles who were posting about their common woes and mundane lives.One day, a geek shared his story on how he worked up the courage to stood against a drunk man in train, and saved women from harassment Thereafter, a lady sent him Hermes tea cups as a thank you gift He asked for advices from his fellow geeks on what to do next, and he was called Train Man The geeks brainstormed and rooted for Train Man and Hermes.Nakano Hitori is a collective pseudonym for the geeks Naka no Hitori is a Japanese word pun that means one among many or one of us.491 Name One of us 09 05 04 17 37Dudes The past two months worth of expended energy and might, in yer face Milkyway AquariusA certain Nakano Hitori consolidated their posts and made a flash site It was said that the site was clean because the original thread has some dirty and pervy stuff that they won t share Train Man shared it to Hermes though They still maintained their anonymity Train Man loves anim s like Keroro, Sailormoon, and Pretty Cure He looks like the guitarist of ELT while Hermes looks like Ogawa Tamaki and Nakatani Miki.I really like the book because I m a geek I live on the internet, and I also like anim s but Pretty Cure No. So cute and so sweet, it s the kind of book that leaves you smiling and just feeling good about the world It s a fast, light and easy read, and the perfect cure for whenever you re feeling down. 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Let me say this outright Train Man is definitely not a book for everyone.It s one of the geekiest books I ve ever read, as it deals with a guy who meets a girl and tells people about it on an online forum The aforementioned guy isn t the normal drop dead gorgeous male lead you usually find in books, but rather, he s a normal otaku or geek, in English who is shy and awkward and seems to spend an abnormally large amount of time telling his woes to the internet This person is meTrain Man is told in the form of an online forum where people comment, usually a line or two, one after the other You have no clue who these people are There aren t really any names since, well, this forum deals with anonymous people talking to each other The story revolves around this guy who is fondly called Train Man by the commenters, because he defends a girl from a drunken idiot on a train and receives a pricey gift as a thank you Because he s awkward and clueless, he proceeds to run to the internet for help on how to deal with this.Every time our hero posts an update, people comment and give advice or sympathy With each update comes a barrage of comments Some are trolls, some warn him to be cautious, but a lot of people offer advice and encouragement and sympathize with our hero.I can see why most people dislike this book If you re not familiar with forums, it can be very confusing to read If you re not a person who spends a lot of time on the internet aside from Facebook , you might find it strange that people communicate this way Why would people even talk to complete strangers, let alone trust their advice, about their problems They don t even know each other There are barely any names if any If you want to respond to a comment, you refer to the comment s number Comment 525, for example It probably seems really silly to most people XDBut that, I guess, is the beauty of the internet It gives us the bravery to say and do things we wouldn t dare in real life It gives us the power to be somethingthan we could ever dare or hope to be in real life Sure, there are terrible people on the internet people far worse than trolls, definitely , but Train Man gives us an excellent view of how people communicate and help each other out despite knowing virtually nothing about each other.I find Train Man quite humorous and entertaining because I ve been on several online forums myself I ve met many people online and retained friendships with them, some for years now It s amazing how a common interest or cause can unite people and cause a bond between them, no matter how far apart they are It probably sounds silly to say that some of the best or most interesting people I ve ever met are people I ve never seen or met I only know them by their usernames and avatars and the way they express themselves on the internet.Sure, I could be talking to some creepy old fat white guy who lives in a basement or, maybe I am one of those creepy men and you have no clue about it OOO but no one would ever know Unless I started stalking people, I guess Don t worry, I never would I m too lazy anyway lol I do think it s interesting that how you look doesn t matter at all when you re on the internet discussing games or books or whatever It s the way you think and how you share stories and interact with other people, and I find that a very wonderful thing.Train Man is the story of the internet Of geeks, of awkward introverted people like myself who like the anonymity and can openly share things without the fear of being judged your whole life Train Man is also a love story, but what speaks the loudest to me is the kindness and compassion of people in the story In a world where I am constantly annoyed and frustrated by how horrible people are to each other, this book serves as a reminder that not everyone is horrible apathetic That there are people out there who care, or will care if you share your story with them These are the same people who will defend you against trolls and bullies and other idiots It really is amazing.You can also read this review on my blog, Lambent Lights. There are only a few love stories that seem to pop out at me Most are too fantastic they seem to take place in a fantasy world, a world that I cannot seem to relate to at all Fantasies and fairy tales are just a given They are so unbelievable one just has to follow the story along with no significant impact on the human emotion Train Man, by Nakano Hitori, is a story of an average Japanese otaku finding the love of his life The story, however, chronicles a series of long online threads between the main character, TrainMan, and other online users TrainMan would give daily updates to the thread users on his current love life situation to get advice from others, introducing to the reader an interesting new medium to tell a story What appealed to me was just the story behind it An otaku is a Japanese geek, usually one that prefers the anime and manga culture of Japan They tend to spendtime on computers rather than go outside, which explains why the novel is composed of threads from a website What truly amazes me is the fact that this book is based on true events of a common day otaku His life was televised by the Japanese mega BBS 2channel, and spawned movies, manga, and novels about his account on the train.The story begins with an anonymous poster retelling his account on the subway train after posting on a thread asking everyone to tell about their problems Eventually the thread becomes his life story, as no one else seemed to have anything to say The poster recalls his account with a drunkard harassing a young woman Irritated, the poster took the gamble of standing up and telling the man to stop They begin to wrestle, which buys the other passengers enough time to call the conductor to handle the situation The woman thanks her savior, which shocks him because he has never been thanked in his life After sharing his experience, other posters begin to call him TrainMan Days after the incident, TrainMan gets a set of tea cups from the woman he saved The cup brand was Hermes, which becomes the nickname for TrainMan s love interest.TrainMan has a man versus himself conflict the protagonist has to deal with changes within himself to be able to love Hermes He changes his habits, clothes, outlook, and personality to become ainteresting person The theme would be no matter how bad a situation is to start if one works hard enough it will become a blessing TrainMan never stopped pursuing Hermes, not even after going through many minor setbacks.I would recommend this book to anyone I believe there is a little bit of geek in everyone People have differen obsessions and interests some are anime geeks, game geeks, food geeks, book geeks, and so on, and because of this, everyone can relate to it Train Man is a novel about an average everyday man stumbling into a situation that proves to be life changing It is realistic TrainMan had to try to win his love s heart, not like the fairy tales I mentioned earlier, where two people are destined for each other I found this novel to be an enjoyable and interesting read, and everyone should give it a chance.