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When David Rain Moves In With Liz And Lucy, He Discovers A Collection Of Handcrafted Clay Dragons That Come To Life And Have Magical Powers David Even Gets His Own Personalized Dragon, Gadzooks, Who Can Forecast The Future As David Explores The Dragon World, He Finds Himself Drawn Down A Path From Which There Is No Going Back To The Very Heart Of The Legend Of Dragons And The Mysterious Ancient Secret Of The IcefireChris D Lacey S Action Packed Series Which Begins With The Adventures Of David Rain And Continues With Those Of His Daughter, Alexa Offers Smart, Funny, And Compelling Fantasy For Dragon Fans And Readers Of All Ages Includes The Fire Within, Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, And Dark Fire

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    I loved this book Everyone should read it I thought it was the best books I ever read until I read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

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    NOTE This is a review of the whole series as opposed to simply books 1 5, as there is no book set comprising all the books in the series The first book was imaginative and fun The next few books got incomprehensible This is a series for nine to twelve year olds, and half the time I had absolutely NO idea what was going on.That s no insult to my own intelligence ha or to the series These books are very complex Every detail is important and the mythology is inventive, to say the least Fire World is without a doubt the strangest book I ve ever read, even within the context of the series I still don t understand what was going on there The first book, The Fire Within, is a cute childrens novel about dragons that come to life and a college student who writes stories about squirrels It s a fun, easy read and gives absolutely NO inkling as to the complex mythological nature of the books to follow So, you ve been warned I ll be the first to admit, I didn t find the latter books as interesting as the first Partly because they were hard to understand, and partly because somehow they simply weren t as charming as the first But they were well thought out and imaginative, with snappy characters, I ll say that much Three stars

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    The series begins with a college student David Rain renting a room from a lady with a young daughter Liz Pennykettle creates dragons that move Her daughter, Lucy, loves squirrels and David helps her relocate a squirrel their neighbor hates David, with the help of a dragon made by Liz, then writes a story about the squirrels In later books we find that David is really a world travellor with a mission to help ressurect the dragons on earth He enlists the help of the Pennykettles, their neighbor Henry and his girlfriend sometimes without their permission Ancient dragon legends, people who can change into polar bears, evil entities that enter earth from another world, dragons resurrecting, a world where thoughts create what people have and a library that saves that world are all part of this story The story starts off slowly but after book 2 or 3 gets very interesting Book 6 is especially interesting, getting the first 4 star rating in the series from me Not as good as Harry Potter, this story nevertheless is engaging I still have book 7 to read, so maybe i ll up the star level, if all the loose ends are resolved in a fantastic manner less

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    I began this series, since I read anything my 11 year old grand daughter is reading While it s not up there with Harry Potter for me, d Lacey has woven a fascinating story based on the premise that dragone once ruled the world, and they had a special connection to certain humans.Liz Pennykettle and her daughter Lucy are two of these humans and they are descendents of the woman who caught the tear of the last dragon The plot can be found by googling what I love are the characters David Rain, the central male figure with his special connection to both dragons and polar bears Liz and Lucy, with their red hair, green eyes, and magical connection to the little pottery dragons they create And Zanna, a young woman who discovers she is a sybil.At the heart of the books is an environmental message and the melting of the polar ice caps is one of the main plot turning points For me, the idea that the dragons return could save us relates to my own hope that human imagination can stretch us to find new ways to heal what we have been destroying.Fast paced, interesting, unusual I m eager for the last book in the series to come out this year

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    At the start of the series it was really exited and I was absolutely hooked but as the series went on I gradually became less and less interested I unfortunately didn t finish the series because there were better books that I could be reading I rated it 3 out of 5

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    Some of these I have liked than others I keep reading because I want to know what happens, but sometimes I wish I could know sooner I m still reading Dark Fire so I might change my mind when I m done.

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    I loved this series because of the excitement when you discover something, and I just loved how the author described things in this story

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    this series was very epic thew best book I ever read everyone who loves fiction should read this.

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    It is a pretty good book but some of the parts are boring

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    I loved this series a lot Probably one of my favourite series ever