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[Best] No Fixed Address (English Edition)Author Susin Nielsen –

I have read hundreds of books but it s a long time since I ve had a can t put it down novel and this is one Astrid is a fiery, irresponsible but loving Mum to Felix Both of them endure months of living homelessly in a van, moving from location to location to avoid being caught by authorities Felix has a photographic memory for facts and enters a junior trivial pursuit type televised competition that he hopes that winning will put an end to their miserable way of life Felix s friends, Dylan and Winnie are loyal and supportive but they have no idea of his living conditions and circumstances This delightfully written story with its unforgettable characters also provides real insight into the desperation and misery of homelessness. Cover was bit damaged but I love it The packaging with such cheap price or discount is blessing This book opens your eyes as to what it would be like to be homeless, the child in the book grabs your heart a very good read Great story, but not for my 9 yo I will keep it for next summer. This is an excellent book for 7th 9th grade students The main character, Felix, has been living in a van with his mother, and he feels he must hide the fact from his friends and schoolmates The challenges Felix must deal with puts a face on teen homelessness, and is such an important read for both teens and teachers I m really pleased to add this to my classroom library This book was phenomenal and phenomenally sad.Felix is homeless and is living with a mother, whom he adores, but as he grows, realizes is very untrustworthy and unstable Balancing his love and loyalty for her, song with his sense of survival becomes increasingly difficult as he begins seventh grade and it s harder to hide their situation.He gets his heart set on earning a spot on a quiz show similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as a way to rocket them out of their life living in a Van, conning people, and stealing.But the road to this game show is not as easy as he once hoped, and he begins to realize that he can t be self reliant and happy at the same time.This book is hard to read, at times, because it reminds me of my students, yet Felix is so immediately lovable, I was sucked in Even better than Paper Things, I really enjoyed this book and can t wait to get it in the hands of my kids. Loved this book It was highly engaging about a very serious subject..homelessness.I donated it to our middle school library Felix Knutsson Is Nearly Thirteen, Lives With His Mother And Pet Gerbil Horatio, And Is Brilliant At Memorising Facts And Trivia So Far, Pretty Normal But Felix And His Mom Astrid Have A Secret They Are Living In A Van Astrid Promises Its Only For A While Until She Finds A New Job, And Begs Felix Not To Breathe A Word About It So When Felix Starts At A New School, He Does His Very Best To Hide The Fact That Most Of His Clothes Are In Storage, He Only Showers Weekly At The Community Centre, And That He Doesnt Have Enough To Eat When His Friends Dylan And Winnie Ask To Visit, Felix Always Has An ExcuseBut Felix Has A Plan To Turn His And Astrids Lives Around Hes Going To Go On His Favourite Game Show Who, What, Where, When And Win The Cash Prize All He Needs Is A Little Luck And A Lot Of Brain PowerSusin Nielsen Deftly Combines Humour, Heartbreak, And Hope In This Moving Story About People Who Slip Through The Cracks In Society, And About The Power Of Friendship And Community To Make All The Difference 12 years old Loved this book I really enjoyed this book For the target age I d only recommend it for a rather mature kid.