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In A Fleeting Year Period Between Two World Wars, Germany S Bauhaus School Of Art And Design Changed The Face Of Modernity With Utopian Ideas For The Future, The School Developed A Pioneering Fusion Of Fine Art, Craftsmanship, And Technology, Which They Applied Across Media And Practices From Film To Theater, Sculpture To CeramicsThis Book Is Made In Collaboration With The Bauhaus Archiv Museum F R Gestaltung In Berlin, The World S Largest Collection On The History Of The Bauhaus Some Illustrations Including Architectural Plans, Studies, Photographs, Sketches, And Models Record Not Only The Realized Works But Also The Leading Principles And Personalities Of This Idealistic Creative Community Through Its Three Successive Locations In Weimar, Dessau, And Berlin From Informal Shots Of Group Gymnastics To Drawings Guided By Paul Klee, From Extensive Architectural Plans To An Infinitely Sleek Ashtray By Marianne Brandt, The Collection Brims With The Colors, Materials, And Geometries That Made Up The Bauhaus Vision Of A Total Work Of ArtAs We Approach The Bauhaus Centennial, This Is A Defining Account Of Its Energy And Rigor, Not Only As A Trailblazing Movement In Modernism But Also As A Paradigm Of Art Education, Where Creative Expression And Cutting Edge Ideas Led To Simultaneously Functional And Beautiful Creations Featured Artists Include Josef Albers, Marianne Brandt, Walter Gropius, Gertrud Grunow, Paul Klee, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, And Lilly Reich

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    Un vero must to have.Unico libro completo e scientificamente coerente

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    Not really a comprehensive Bauhaus history as much as a museum catalogue.

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    A wonderful book for anyone interested in this important time period Walter Gropius, the head of the Bauhaus, was a visionary architect who designed with a partner the first truly modern building factory, The Fagus factory It was built between 1911 and 1913 It still stands today and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    Nice feeling book and when I purchased it it was very affordable It s a quality binding and printing, but it goes into a lot of background I was hoping for pictures and visual examples However, it is not short of those, either It is an enjoyable book.

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    When I first opened this, I couldn t believe I only paid 10 doll hairs for this elegantly designed Hardbound Coffee Table book on The History of Bauhaus I never expected the book to be as big, full of photos, or as gorgeous as it really is Large print text by art historian Magdalena Droste Beautiful Black White and Color reproductions some full page of the art, design, textiles, interiors, metal work, furniture, theatre, workshops, buildings, and architecture of the Bauhaus School 1913 1933 I have only skimmed over the writing which seems to provide an adequate, and at times, detailed overview of the Bauhaus The binding appears to be good, but I would suggest you handle it with care How this is being published for so little is beyond me Taschen seems to have made quite a splash in the world of publishing with their affordable 25th Anniversary Archive Series.Contents include Preface1 On the Origins of the Bauhaus.2 Weimar Bauhaus Expressionist Bauhaus.3 Art and Technology A New Unity.4 Dessau Bauhaus Institute of Design.5 Hannes Meyer Necessities, not Luxuries.6 Mies van der Rohe The Bauhaus Becomes a School of Architecture.7 Appendix Which includes a nice list of Photo Biographies of the major players I have not included Sub chapters within the individual Chapter headings Look inside the book for these There is no Index.A wonderful and affordable book that belongs in every designer and artist s library, about a school of principles, design, and aesthetics that are still influential in the world of contemporary art and design.Nice Work TASCHEN I m very pleased.Enjoy.

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    really wonderful