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My girls LOVE this book My husband and I enjoy reading it Lauren Child is very talented I highly recommend any of her books. Author illustrator Lauren Child has one of the most distinctive pictrial styles in kids books today Flipping through that pesky rat, one notices ornate backgrounds, juxtaposed contrasting patterns, rococo curves, an assortment of polygons and other geometric shapes, collages, varying fonts and font sizes, and several pop art touches However, while you may come for the look, you stay for the story Child a stories take you on meandering inner and outer voyages they re not simple, linear narratives Here, she probes pesky the rat s neighborhood, his disappointments, and his hopes.Apparently, it s not easy being a rat As with wolves and pigs, rats get a bad rap in many traditional stories pesky is no exception He loves in trash can 3 on Grubby Alley and the contents of his home are collected every week , people say he smells it s just the dirt , he s nobody s pet, and he doesn t really have a name other than that pesky rat His friends, like Pierre the chinchilla, OScar the siamese cat, NIbbles the rat, and Andrew the Scottie dog pesky s complex mind graps that while each of these pampered pets has it relavtively easy, their domesticated life has a downside too e.g., while Andrew is pampered, he also has to wear clothes, an idea which pesky finds appaling Still, pesky wants a companion, some respectability perhaps, and so he admits that he d do almost anything if he coud be someone s pet.He goes to a pet store, but the owner, Mrs Trill, isn t very encouraging about his prospects pesky posts a hilarious personal ad at the store Brown rat looking for kindly ownerwith an interest in cheeseHobbies include nibbling and chewingwould like a collar with my name on it Good fortune arrives when in Mr Fortesque, whose bad eyes lead him to read rat as cat Mrs Trill doesn t tell, pesky doesn t tell, and Mr Fortesque never knows the difference pesky is very happy while there may be a few adjustments like Scottie, he too wears a sweater sometimes , he s finally a real pet, and he has a real name Tiddles Ms Child doesn t dumb down the conclusion, instead she offers a happy resolution that s just a little askew Her writing is well balanced and rhythmic, it s almost like prose poetry As with all her books, this one gets an enthusiastic recommendation. The book, That Pesky Rat was an extremely good childrens books I shared it with several adults, and they all thought it was a great story My kids ages 8 and 3 both love this book, it s cute and funny and the illustrations are too cute The Pesky Rat Wonders What It Would Be Like To Live With The Creature Comforts Actual Pets Enjoy, Like His Friends Pierre The Chinchilla, Oscar The Siamese Cat, Nibbles The Lop Eared Rabbit And Andrew The Scottie Dog And He S Got A Plan For How To Make His Dream Come True All Proceeds From This Special Edition Go To UNESCO S Programme For The Education Of Children In Need, Which Lauren Child Is Supporting With Her Own Project, My Life Story This Edition Includes An Eight Page Section All About UNESCO And Lauren S Own Role In Helping The Children They Support All Over The World