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Make Your Home A Healthier And Beautiful Place To Be With Hilton Carter S Inspirational Ideas Hilton Carter S Love For Plants Is Infectious His Lush And Exuberant Displays Are Inspiring Reminders That Plants Can Be So Much Than Neat Little Containers On A Window Sill Grace Bonney, Founder And Editor In Chief, Design Sponge Take A Tour Through Hilton S Own Apartment And Other Lush Spaces, Filled With A Huge Array Of Thriving Plants, And Learn All You Need To Know To Create Your Own Urban Jungle As The Owner Of Over Plants, Hilton Feels Strongly About The Role Of Plants In One S Home Not Just For The Beauty They Add, But For Health Benefits As Well Having Plants In Your Home Not Only Adds Life, But Changes The Airflow Throughout It S Also A Key Design Element When Styling Your Place For Me, It Wasn T About Just Having Greenery, But Having The Right Variety Of Greenery I Like To See The Different Textures Of Foliage All Grouped Together You Take A Fiddle Leaf Fig And Sandwich It Between A Birds Of Paradise And A Monstera And Yes You Will Be Armed With The Know How You Need To Care For Your Plants, Where To Place Them, How To Propagate, How To Find The Right Pot, And Much , And Most Importantly, How To Arrange Them So That They Look Their Best Combine Sizes And Leaf Shapes To Stunning Effect, Grow Your Own Succulents From Leaf Cuttings, Create Your Own Air Plant Display, And Veramente ben scritto e illustrato The photos in this book are beautiful, but seem to come from a place overflowing with funds From a loft in a converted mill with 16 ft floor to ceiling windows overlooking a river to designer furniture, and custom made leather aprons and ceramic watering canisters, I was left feeling not inspired but a little depressed that the book is tailored to a specific audience It sure looks nice on my Ikea coffee table, though. Very beautiful book As a follower of Hilton Carter s Instagram, the visuals were not a let down However please note that the first half of the book is about Hilton s personal views on plant and space styling which are difficult to achieve on a budget The second half does have some good notes on plant care, but if you re looking for a detailed plant care guide this won t be it.Lovely book for inspiration though, such as a windowsill cactus garden and plants to group