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Discover Rachel Ashwells Floral Inspirations And The Unique Touch She Brings To Interiors In Her First Book Dedicated To Flowers, A Deeply Held Passion Come To Life Flowers And Floral Decoration Are At The Core Of Rachel Ashwells World And Her Designs From Her Showcase Rose Garden In California, She Set Out With Photographer Amy Neunsinger To Capture The Full Blown Romance Of The Quintessential English Country House, The Dramatic Colorways Of Northern Europe, And The Faded Opulence Of A Parisian Apartment This Is The Story Of That Magical Journey, Which Takes Us Through A Variety Of Beautiful Spaces Large And Small, Some Ornate And Others Simple Every Aspect Of Floral Accents Is Showcased, From Wallpaper To Fabrics, Floors To Ceilings, Architectural Details, Lighting And, Of Course, Flower Arrangements, Some Breathtaking And Some Simple But All Beautiful In Their Own Right

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    un libro dalle immagini meravigliose che di ispirazione per tante composizioni floreali di grande naturalezza e semplicit

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    HI, I have been following Rachel Ashwell since she started way back when I have all of her books, they are all well written, quaint, lovely, personal observations, beautiful colorful pictures, just all of them are very nice and of great quality, and value to me I love to decorate my home and I am a shabby chic lady from long long ago, thanks to this lady And I love it If you are a fan, this is another one to get, I have read all the reviews, and I love this book Yes lots of pictures of flowers, but that is one of my passions, so looking at gorgeous pictures of plants and flowers, well, I am a happy girl Give me a cuppa tea and any one of her beautiful books, and I am happy Read all the reviews and make your own decision, but for me it was a no brainer Thank you Rachel for yet again a beautiful book Keep them coming PS I also have all the bedding, shower curtains, towels, pillows too I love her style Have fun reading, and make a cup of tea for me sincerely.

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    Far exceeded my expectations I feared it was about floral arranging.ordered it anyways, since I love ALL Rachel It was about decor and splendid, as ever I was most pleased She keeps slightly re creating her brand, but stays true to SHABBY CHIC As do I Thanks Rachel for another published treat from you

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    True to Rachel Ashwell s style, she has created yet another beautiful book This one is full of breathtaking homes from some of my favorite artists I love having a sneak peek Inside their gorgeous homes From the gardens to the beautiful floral arrangements, the photography is simply stunning

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    240 pages of Shabby Chic florals sounded amazing And if you are an unwavering fan of the unwavering palette, you might love this book I did not, even though I have a whole stack of Rachel Ashwell books This book finally made clear to me the limitations of the Shabby Chic look Every page layout, wherever in the world she was, looked the same all the flowers are white, pink, purple, and occasionally red or blue Page 228 is a stand out because it features a tiny vase of yellow flowers In general, the rooms are gray and dim, with any sunlight filtered into atmospheric gauze I find them dreary and claustrophobic While the florals are lovely, the book is monotonous I give it three stars since I should not have expected to be exhilarated The 5 star reviews misled me This book is a deal breaker for me I am officially over Shabby Chic It s boring It precludes sunflowers

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    I bought this book fully expecting it to be a visual arrangement of beautiful flowers fit for nothing than a coffee table, but the substance to this book is quite surprising Rachel Ashwell chronicles different breeds of flowers, arrangements and floral expressions in an inspiring and informative way that enables you to recreate or reinvent her designs She also describes silk and paper flowers, floral prints, etc and their use in creative expression I was taken by this book, and ended up reading it cover to cover Very happy and impressed.