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Origami Jewelry: More Than 40 Exquisite Designs to Fold and Wear pdf epub –

I bought this book to give as a gift, but I liked it so much I kept it for myself The photos in the book are striking they are bright, colorful, and ultra crisp The photos almost seem to jump of the page and beg you to get folding.The illustrations that accompany the setup by step instructions are also well done The drawings are very detailed, and the paper in the drawings show patterns and shading that make it easy to understand the direction of the folds and creases The written folding instructions accompanying the illustrations are well written and very easy to follow I m a total beginner at origami, and I had no trouble creating recognizable projects I used larger pieces of photo copy paper to practice on so my finished projects are too big to use as jewelry, but they look great just as decorations at my desk When I feel confident enough with my skills, I will use so of my pretty Yuzen Chiyogami paper.So this is a great book for someone new to origami And the projects are so appealing they can be used in many different ways This book is not just for jewelry makers. Excellent for kids adults that are familiar with origami cranes, samurai hats, etc using small tiny sheets of origami paper Of course you can always practice with larger paper and move to small when you re proficient My 9 year old makes one pair of earrings a day and enjoys producing something that her family members wear Haven t had much luck with the modge podge for sealing the paper but they ve held up ok without sealing them This book is one of the best purchases I ve ever made I ve only learned how to do the crane and heart earrings so far, but even just knowing those two I can make some amazing earrings that everyone loves I suggest buying 3 inch origami paper and cutting it in 4 for earrings Also, I found that using nail polish hardens and protects the earrings well, plus it adds that extra sparkle to them It can sometimes bleed through the paper though so try to only put it on the colorful side of the paper. I ve been looking for something like this for a long time I enjoy origami, but have run out of uses for it I ve done the cards, the gift wrap boxes, quilt squares etc but I kept thinking that it would do well for jewelry I might have given it a try myself by now, except that I m inordinately lazy and have had little time until recently to devote to the project.Ayako Brodek s book Origami Jewelry came out this year copyright 2007 and just in time for Christmas gifts, so I ve started studying the book for materials list and techniques.Those who have done origami before will recognize the folds and joining techniques they re the standard ones found in most books on the topic Those who have done jewelry making will recognize the findings and their individual uses from their craft as well.For me, the important information in this case was on finishing techniques that make the paper stable enough for wear, and on the problems one might encounter when taking ideas from one craft into another In the latter case the fact that some origami papers do not hold up well with surfacing materials.Definitely something nice to do for holiday giving In fact, an excellant book to give at the holiday. I m in no way and origami expert I can do modular origami and some basic medium figurative designs The designs in this book are easy to fold and the directions are very clear for those who are taking a first step in origami or jewerly making, which is very positive It has a useful prologue to teach us different paper characteristics, toold needed and some basic techniques.However, for somebody who is a little experienced, it might be a bit dissapointing to realize that the than 40 designs are not 40 different origami designs, but 40 things you can do with fewer origame shapes just by mixing and matching. With Precise Instructions And Vivid, Four Color Photographs, Ayako Brodek Shows Readers How To Create Elegant And Unusual Pieces Of Jewelry Each Project Includes A List Of Materials, Illustrated Step By Step Folding And Finishing Instructions, A Beautiful Photo Of The Completed Piece, And Suggested Color Variations, Paper Designs And Embellishments To Make Each Piece Exciting And UniqueThe Book Opens With Sections On Choosing Paper, Equipment, Basic Folds And Bases, And Making The Piece That Then Become Building Blocks For All Of The Modular And Beaded Origami Jewelry Designs Featured In The Book There Is A Section On Finishing Techniques, Followed By The Main Part Of The Book, The Directory Author Ayako Brodek Has Organized The Directory By Seasons And Motif, And Includes A Section Of Traditional Japanese Designs As Well Each Project Is Coded By Type F Figure M Modular And B BeadFor Spring, Readers Will Learn To Make The Butterfly Brooch Pendant, Hairpin, Bracelet And Earrings The Flower Bouquet Brooch And The Chick Egg Brooch Pendant Summer Offers The Sunburst Brooch Pendant And Matching Earrings The Seashell Brooch And Earrings And Beach Barrettes In Fall, Theres The Leaf Brooch Pendant And Earrings And The Pinecone Necklace And Earrings And For Winter, The Festive Foil Beaded Bauble Necklace And Earrings, And The Star Brooch Pendant And Earrings In Traditional Japanese Designs, Readers Will Find Favorites Like The Crane Brooch Pendant, Tie Tack And Earrings The Kimono Brooch Pendant And Earrings And The Paper Fan Brooch Pendant And Earrings