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Now A Major Motion Picture Starring Cole Sprouse And Haley Lu Richardson In ThisNew York Times Bestselling Novel Thats Perfect For Fans Of John Greens The Fault In Our Stars, Two Teens Fall In Love With Just One Minor Complicationthey Cant Get Within A Few Feet Of Each Other Without Risking Their Lives Can You Love Someone You Can Never TouchStella Grant Likes To Be In Controleven Though Her Totally Out Of Control Lungs Have Sent Her In And Out Of The Hospital Most Of Her Life At This Point, What Stella Needs To Control Most Is Keeping Herself Away From Anyone Or Anything That Might Pass Along An Infection And Jeopardize The Possibility Of A Lung Transplant Six Feet Apart No Exceptions The Only Thing Will Newman Wants To Be In Control Of Is Getting Out Of This Hospital He Couldnt Care Less About His Treatments, Or A Fancy New Clinical Drug Trial Soon, Hell Turn Eighteen And Then Hell Be Able To Unplug All These Machines And Actually Go See The World, Not Just Its Hospitals Wills Exactly What Stella Needs To Stay Away From If He So Much As Breathes On Stella She Could Lose Her Spot On The Transplant List Either One Of Them Could Die The Only Way To Stay Alive Is To Stay Apart But Suddenly Six Feet Doesnt Feel Like Safety It Feels Like Punishment What If They Could Steal Back Just A Little Bit Of The Space Their Broken Lungs Have Stolen From Them Would Five Feet Apart Really Be So Dangerous If It Stops Their Hearts From Breaking Too

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    I have a child with CF, and I bought this book because of all the hype that I was hearing regarding it Yes there are some things they stretch regarding CF but I believe it just highlights and raises awareness for this horrible disease that we so need Worth the read, and my 17 yr old son with CF enjoyed it also My son is waiting for a double lung and possibly heart transplant, this is a very scary time in his life, this book helped him feel not so alone, CFers can not hang out with each other so it makes for a very lonely disease

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    A novel about teenagers with Cystic Fibrosis When I was a teenager in the fifties, there was Ellen, a girl in my school who had something wrong with her lungs I remember her coughing, sometimes breathing noisily and sitting on the bench when the rest of us had PE I remember the adults whispering So sad and She ll die young We stayed away Maybe death was infectious Ellen died soon after I graduated That s when I found out that it was cystic fibrosis that killed her.Now 60 years later I read about Stella, Will and Poe, normal teenagers, except there is nothing normal about their lives They are in a hospital struggling to stay alive The center of the novel is a love story Stella and Will fall in love for the first time in their lives and grapple with the fact that it can be fatally dangerous to touch each other But it s also a story about friendship and it s these friendships that are deeply moving the friendship between Stella and Poe, who have spent months and months of their lives in adjoining hospital rooms, between Stella and her friends Mya and Camilla, who come to plan for their senior trip, which Stella won t be able to attend, between Will and his friends Jason and Hope, who get an hour of private time in Will s hospital room, and finally between Poe and his friend and lover Michael, who Poe pushes away because he doesn t want him to get hurt These friendships are special because they have nothing to do with pitying a person with a fatal disease They are friends because they are important to each other I love the kids and their story and I hope that there never will be another Ellen, who is an outsider because people are afraid that she ll die on them.

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    So The Hard cover s paper slip cover is really odd When you touch it, it leaves finger prints from the oils in your skin making contact with the type of paper or ink the cover has, but they re removable by rubbing a cloth in a circular motion over them so that s good In all absolute honesty I ve read so many reviews on this book about how it will send a negitive message to children with cystic Fibrosis to risk death for love but as a 18 year old senior in highschool with Cystic Fibrosis, I can tell you I didn t not get that negitive message at all When I read this book, it reminded me that I don t have to live everyday day by day I can have a life If I stay healthy, I can a better life than I could have imagined I reminded me the importance of family and to treat the subject of my Cystic Fibrosis and inevitable death although everyones death is inevitable carefully That I effect people than I think and that they worry about my Cystic Fibrosis and loosing me than I fear it myself sometimes I reminded me that I am worth of love, I am worthy of my family, I am worthy of my friends, and I am worth of a full, healthy ish life I HIGHLY recommend this book to all teenagers, and young adults I did cry ALOT during this book and it did stir up many emotions, but in the end, they were emotions that needed to be a little stired and retouched I love this book and I couldn t recommend it than I do Also added pictures of book without cover for my fellow book worms who like the authenticity of a fresh plain backed book, love you guys

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    2.5 stars.I sort of flew through this book I had high expectations going in from the cover alone With that being said, I did enjoy some parts Stella was a sort of neat freak, controlling in a good way, character that meant well Will was your cliche, I don t care, rebel but he had his reasons behind it.I didn t like the writing style of this book I felt like some phrases and idioms were used over and over, possibly for emphasis but I found it annoying Especially with it being 3 authors behind the book, I definitely expected better The story itself fell a bit short for me toward the end I won t give spoilers but in certain situations, there wasn t enough detail given Fingers crossed the movie is better.

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    Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, published by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers tells the story of Stella and Will Stella has admitted herself into the hospital she s been treated in most of her life She has cystic fibrosis and now she has a fever and sore throat that has landed her in the hospital again The staff and other CF patients know her well but she meets a new patient, Will Eight months ago, Will found out that he has a fatal illness to go along with the CF he already has and he s in the hospital for a drug trial He s tired of being trapped in hospitals and just wants to enjoy life Will seems to not care about getting better while Stella is compulsive about her strict medical routine The I read, the the story revealed about Stella s and Will s lives and their families The daily CF routines are difficult and time consuming and if there s no improvement, the patient struggles to see any benefit Full of loyalty and friendship, Five Feet Apart lets us see deeper into the difficulties of having cystic fibrosis and the tragedy of young people knowing nothing else but medical treatments and a short life span hovering in their futures Heartbreaking, hopeful and inspiring all at the same time, 4 stars