Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) central african republic

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When Mamos Mother Dies, He Is Abandoned In The Shanties Of Addis Ababa Stolen By A Child Trafficker And Sold To A Farmer, He Is Cruelly Treated Escaping Back To The City, He Meets Another, Very Different Runaway Dani Is Rich, Educatedand Fleeing His Tyrannical Father Together They Join A Gang Of Homeless Street Boys Who Survive Only By Mutual Bonds Of Trust And Total Dependence On Each Other I did not order this book and want it removed. I first found this book in a library I told the librarian he was not getting it back LOL I love it that much Its so captivating and very emotional The story stays with you long after you ve finished reading I recommend it to everyone. This book had many memorable scenes and showed such a variety of complex characters and situations I never expected the ending I couldn t put the book down and neither could my husband. I recently returned from a six month stay in Ethiopia During my time there, I made friends with a man who, I later learned, is the basis for much of the character Mamo His story is very compelling, and Ms Laird did a fantastic job of re creating it in a way that portrayed many of the emotions and events in precisely the way they were described to me by Belete I did not read the book until my return to the States, and spent the entire time lost in my memories of Addis Ababa Ms Laird does a wonderful job of describing life on the streets and life in Ethiopia from the eyes of those who are there This portrayal is very accurate and the writing is very accessible to readers of many levels I highly recommend this book