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Excellent quality, delivery on time and it was a pretty good book If you like this genre, I m sure you re gonna enjoy it. A relatable quick read that skips around and tastes like Whoppers.This a 3 that should be a 2.5, but I m too much of a wimp to do that Before I even started this book, I was slightly rooting for them to die Or, mostly Ronan I m not morbid, I just didn t want them both to necessarily survive.I also believe that something is wrong when all you can do is imagine the leading main character with an 8 year olds voice.The story seemed to skip around, and lost the central voice of the story, the main reason Ayzel wanted to commit suicide The two main characters relationship also sped up very quickly It went from a 4 to a 9.This story was like wanting a Snickers but you could only get some Whoppers the chocolate malt bakey things If you re easily pacified with quick read 2 hours, tops then knock yourself out with this book.The main reason my rating isn t a 2 is because I found it quite realistic Being around the same age group, I was able to relate to multiple characters And there you have it Thanks for reading. Do not read this book in a public place.Because it will make you cry It hit me in the details, in places where I least expected it.Many books have been written about depression And where some books failed, My Heart and Other Black Holes didn t It didn t come off as dramatic It wrote depression for what it really is and the harsh reality that comes with it Anyone who has actually been that sad can tell you that there s nothing beautiful or literary or mysterious about depression I have friends who suffer from depression and I worry about them I know I can never imagine half of what they re going through but this book gave me a peek at what s inside.This is a story about two people who want to die And is it wrong to say that I understand why they do Life can sometimes be cruel and there s nothing we can do to stop it It hurts to know someone is suffering and no matter how much you want to make things better for them, you can t.What I loved most about this book are Aysel and Roman Sure, they are not the most like able characters but they were written in such a way that you will accept them for who they are No pretensions, just their real selves and it isn t always pretty And that s okay.This is not a love story There is no romance here, only love and hope This is about finding people who understand you and accepts you as you are This is about fighting even when you no longer want to This is about finding reasons to live And I hope you do I hope every single day, you do. What a wonderfully poignant story I think this book is vitally important it realistically portrays suicidal thoughts and how to address them in oneself and others.Depression is insidious The stigma it carries, the way our society perceives it, is perhapsdangerous than the disease itself The voice of Jasmine Warga speaks clearly for those who cannot I believe it is only through her words, and others like them, that our culture can become enlightened.On a lighter note, I love the WAY she writes Aysell s internal dialogue, her vulnerability are very realistic, apt portrayals I love her emphasis on the whip smart, talented, creative characteristics of both Aysell and Roman My heart ached for them, so full of potential, yet so broken.Especially, I loved the classical music, physics, nerd, turtle love, athletic prowess, and artistic talent references Children have these qualities like flowers, the need to be nourished and allowed to bloom.Thank you for this marvelous book I think it should serve as a THERAPEUTIC AND TEACHING TOOL, perhaps as required reading for high schoolers, Psychology students, and therapists. Kudos to Jasmine Warga for being able to capture the authenticity and essence of a depressed suicidal 16 year old girl, meeting a depressed suicidal 17 year old boy and falling in love I haven t been 16 for quite some time I am 29 but reading this novel made me recall some of those utterly painful, confusing, intense, coming of age feelings How powerful love used to be, and is How powerful sadness can be, and is It was excellent writing and a great story I thoroughly enjoyed being a reader who was witnessing first love when the characters were unaware of it, and how heartbreaking it felt when gloom and external internal conflict were challenging the new relationship My Heart and Other Black Holes is thought provoking, has memorable characters and a ton of really awesome quotes that you will be highlighting sharing with others repeating to yourself for weeks after reading.It s difficult to praise the details of the book without giving too much away because the ending really should not be known until you discover it yourself The subject matter is difficult and even though this book is marketed towards Young Adults, I am not sure I would encourage every young adult to read it Suicide can not be glamorized or made to be anything less serious than it is While the author accurately portrayed depression and suicidal thoughts, I feel like a young adult reader COULD if already dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts romanticize suicide and depression Instead of deterring the reader or encouraging them to seek help and guidance, it COULD influence them to glorify their depression suicidal thoughts It is so easy to be influenced as a young adult reader.With that disclaimer, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would read it again as it is a relatively quick and beautifully written, yet easy, read. A Brilliant And Heartbreaking Novel Perfect For Fans Of Thirteen Reasons Why Aysel And Roman Are Practically Strangers, But They Ve Been Drawn Into An Unthinkable Partnership In A Month S Time, They Plan To Commit Suicide Together Aysel Knows Why She Wants To Die Being The Daughter Of A Murderer Doesn T Equal Normal, Well Adjusted Teenager But She Can T Figure Out Why Handsome, Popular Roman Wants To End It Alld Why He S Even Determined Than She Is With The Deadline Getting Closer, Something Starts To Grow Between Aysel And Roman A Feeling She Never Thought She Would Experience It Seems There Might Be Something To Live For, After All But Is Aysel In So Deep She Can T Turn Back