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[Pdf] Looking for JJAuthor Anne Cassidy –

Grade CAt age 10, Jennifer Jones kills her friend Six years later she s rehabilitated, given a new name and released to start her life again When news of her release hits the papers, detectives and reporters come snooping to find JJ, now Alice, threatening to disrupt her new fragile new world.LOOKING FOR JJ is a spectacular plot ruined by dismal writing Alice haslayers than most characters Neglected as a child, abused without bruises anyone can see, young Jennifer is the opposite if a cold blooded killer the public fears Yes, she s done bad things, but the adults in her life created the anger she displaces Her narcissistic mother never parented her Alice finds a true, loving mother figure in her guardian Rosie, but Alice doesn t believe in happy endings Why should she Oh how I wish Anne Cassidy had written atension filled story I wish she had given the plotheart I wish she made my heart beat louder LOOKING FOR JJ had all the reasons for holding my breath, but the writing was so bland I just wanted to find out what happened and I found myself skimming over many boring sections.I have a hard time recommending or steering anyone away from LOOKING FOR JJ There s s sequel and I do want to read it forbackstory, but it s not available for kindle in the USA and I don t see well enough to read or in paperback.Plot 5 of 5 starsMain Character 5 of 5 starsMinor Characters 3 of 5 starsWriting 1 of 5 starsEnding 2 of 5 stars The book was shipped immediately Perfect book, no complaints whatsoever 10 words required 7ahh blahh bleh oh hello I hated the ending, but the book itself was excellent I couldn t put it down Finished it in one day I was a little disappointed because I didn t read the description that it was hardcover, but it s perfect Thank you I thought this was an excellent novel Cassidy is able to show clearly how Jennifer, who was basically a normal child with a kind heart, could be driven to kill Neglected and ignored by everyone in her life, Jennifer never felt any sense of belonging until she became friends with Michelle and Lucy When those relationships were threatened, she lashed out I believe the murder was actually a desperate attempt to keep the friendship together.Jennifer Alice s redemption, and the difficulties she faces in her new life, are also very well portrayed She will have to live with her guilt for the rest of her life, and will have to hide from the press She may never be able to form lasting relationships.I think this would be a good book for people to read who think that all murderers must be monsters In truth, any of us, pushed hard enough, could turn into a killer. Three Children Walked Away From The Edge Of Town One Day But Only Two Of Them Came Back A Gripping And Emotionally Searing Novel From A Talented Author, Looking For JJ Explores The Circumstances And Motives Behind The Murder Of A Child By Her Friend Six Years Later, JJ Has Now Been Released, And Has A New Identity But Is There Any Way That She Can Lead A Normal Life