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One Night Before Putting Him To Bed, Enaiatollah S Mother Tells Him Three Things Don T Use Drugs, Don T Use Weapons, Don T Steal The Next Day He Wakes Up To Find She Isn T There Ten Year Old Enaiatollah Is Left Alone In Pakistan To Fend For Himself In A Book That Takes A True Story And Shapes It Into A Beautiful Piece Of Fiction, Italian Novelist Fabio Geda Describes Enaiatollah S Remarkable Five Year Journey From Afghanistan To Italy Where He Finally Managed To Claim Political Asylum Aged Fifteen His Ordeal Took Him Through Iran, Turkey And Greece, Working On Building Sites In Order To Pay People Traffickers, And Enduring The Physical Misery Of Dangerous Border Crossings Squeezed Into The False Bottoms Of Lorries Or Trekking Across Inhospitable Mountains A Series Of Almost Implausible Strokes Of Fortune Enabled Him To Get To Turin, Find Help From An Italian Family And Meet Fabio Geda, With Whom He Became FriendsThe Result Of Their Friendship Is This Unique Book In Which Enaiatollah S Engaging, Moving Voice Is Brilliantly Captured By Geda S Subtly Simple Storytelling In Geda S Hands, Enaiatollah S Journey Becomes A Universal Story Of Stoicism In The Face Of Fear, And The Search For A Place Where Life Is Liveable

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    It s a wonderful book written with a simple poetic language,that touches the heart deeply A story so moving, so humanly desperate, yet so full of hope and courage and innocence..Enayat goes through horrible experiences, meets terrible people, faces intorrable hardships, yet his heart is so pure and hopeful that he survives the unsurvivable From now on I will look at any immigrant with a different eye Kinder , surely undestanding and compassionate A must read for everybody.

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    A well told and suspenseful tale of survival against all odds The impossibility of living in Afganistan is clarified by the main character s deep commitment to survive An important reminder of one of the 26,000,000 refugees presently in the world today.

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    Originally bought this book at Costco in Australia and thoroughly loved it, so purchased several to read with my book group back in the U.S The author did a wonderful job of capturing the authentic voice and personality of Enaiatollah His personality, humor and lovable boyishness come through as if he were standing there himself telling you one of the most amazing stories you ve ever heard, made all the incredible by his youth and innocence His story deepened my empathy for those who may not always follow the proper immigration channels Of course I m opposed to human smuggling and illegal border crossings, but I m now aware and sensitive to plight of those who may not have many good options in their struggle to survive.

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    When read by an adult who can answer all of the why questions this book brings up, this book is a world view changer for pre teen children Issues of politics, religion, ethnicity, human trafficking, education, hard labor these are all addressed through the age appropriate viewpoint of a 10 16 year old boy I cannot recommend this highly enough

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    I enjoyed reading this book Yet I experienced pain and kindness in all its dimensions The immigrant journey is a courageous one.

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    Bought it for my daughter for school