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This book is the jewelry makers bible I cannot begin to scratch the surface of its value by lising content It is a gem of a book pun intended.Oppi Untracht did the jewelry industry and anyone serious about learning jewelrymaking the right way, a HUGE service by compiling the information in this book and presenting it in clear and easy to understand language This book must have taken years of research and editing to produce and publish That, my friends who harp about price, is why this book is so high priced It is not over priced, it is aptly priced Think how much the Oxford English Dictionary costs it s just words, why so expensive You could learn a new technique or factoid every day for a year from this book and then start all over again and learn even.This book, however, is not for teaching silver or goldsmithing, gem setting, etc It is not a how to book at all It is a reference book, like the ones that the library won t let you check out because they re too valuable.If you are serious about jewelry making, fine and art jewelry not hobby craft wire and bead stringing put this on your wish list You ll be thrilled if someone sends it to you for a birthday or holiday gift If nobody will kick for it, save your nickles and find a used one, reclaiming the silver from spent pickle solution and making solder from scratch never goes out of style. Nearly Ten Years In Preparation And Production, Jewelry Concepts And Technology Is The Definitive Guide And Handbook For Jewellery Makers On All Levels Of Ability It Is Also A Unique Reference Source For Those Not Directly Active In The Field But Who Wish To Gain An Understanding Of What Lies Behind The Jewellery Making Mystique All Traditional As Well As Innovative Contemporary Techniques Are Thoroughly Described, Making This The Than Photographs In Colour And Black And White Illustrate Work Of All Degrees Of Complexity And Show The Incredible Range Of Concepts Which Jewellers In All Times, Including Today, Incorporate In Their Work Historic And Ethnic Jewellery, As Well As Contemporary Work Done By Approximately Jewellers From Twenty Six Countries, Are Grouped Under Particular Technical Processes This Arrangement Dramatically Illustrates The Mutual Bonds Between Today S Creative Jewellers And Their Colleagues Historic Style Oriented, And Anonymous, Tradition Dominated Ethnic Jewellers The Detailed Text Is Accompanied By Illustrations Showing Tools And Processes Used To Carry Out Particular Techniques In Addition, Thirty Step By Step Photo Demonstrations Show Master Jewellers Working From Raw Material To Finished Jewels, Some Of Them Revealing Their Methods For The First Time Supplemented By An Extensive Index, Glossaries Of Jewellery Forms And Findings, And An International Sources Supply List, Jewelry Concepts And Technology Is Indispensable For Anyone Interested In Any Aspect Of Jewellery Making Wow This book is crazy amazing Its huge and just absolutely packed with information Its got an amazingly broad reach, examining and explaining techniques of all kinds, from ancient and contemporary folk jewelry techniques, to modern high tech stuff Some people might be disappointed in the contemporary subjects because the book is decades old, but if you can afford any of the newer gear thats not in here, you ve probably been to school for all this and don t need the book anyway I find this book to be fascinating reading, blending Viking wire knitting techniques with Lao hill tribe bracelets, and clever pieces by modern Danish designers This is an incredible work, a magnum opus. I had a copy of this book when I was in college for jewelry technology, I foolishly sold it years ago It is without a doubt the best comprehensive guide for jewelry manufacture techniques Every serious jeweler should have this on their bookshelf and keep it close at hand in the shop It truly is the Jewelers bible Yes, many modern techniques are not discussed as this book was written in the 70 s, however you can find run downs of these techniques on the ganoskin forums or on youtube rather easily Highly recommended and well worth the price, there is no other single book on the market that even begins to compare to this tome of wisdom and technique. Ok, so I realize there are already 31 highly positive reviews out on this text but because of the extraordinary nature of this book I m compelled to add my voice For any serious student, where this text is not already included in the required reading, this book will provide you with subject matter you either aren t familiar with but still should know or with better detailed process information than you thought you already knew This text is nothing short of fantastic The additional colored pictures and b w diagrams for each of the technical areas discussed which are plentiful supplement and enhance the learning experience The author was at the top of his field I believe he taught at Columbia in addition to designing and making metal worked jewelry with his wife and he really took the time to provide all student levels with needed guidance But, it s the advanced student who will truly benefit from this addition to their library It doesn t matter that the text was published in the mid 1980 s, the guidance, processes, bench techniques etc are all still relevant for today s metal working jewelry artist Purchase the book and dive right in, you ll forget to come up for air un libro magnifico.davvero un enciclopedia del gioiello.Da avere in casa sicuramente e da leggere con cura.Peccato che non sia stato tradotto in italiano. I thought for a while before buying this book I have many at this point, and this is expensive However, I found a price under 50.00, although paying for shipping made it like 60.00 Think about how many plays or concerts you d spend this on, or dinner at a nice restaurant, or some clothing you love but don t really need The relative expense of this book will be clear to you.There is an astounding amount of information in it, with instructions and pictures It s not as step by step as a tutorial, but making a piece is possible using the directions The variety and beauty of the jewelry show is energizing and makes one want to get to work.It might be overwhelming for a beginner, but take it slowly, not expecting to digest all of it immediately.I m really glad I got it Many of my books are mostly projects and instructions, and the depth of this one provides a nice balance.