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The photos tell the story in this book photos of immigrant children, roughly 1890 1910 Young readers looking at these photos will be able to make inferences about the children, their families, their lives A whole period of history will come alive for them, in a way that mere words could never capture Although Freedman divides the chapters into the passage over, home in the new world, school, work, and play, I felt there was nothing spectacular about the text The text does not stay with me The pictures do Still, a very worthwhile book Recommended great authentic black white pictures. Great read for the entire family. The many photos, along with clear written descriptions gave a good picture of the life of immigrant children It was used as a read aloud for a second grade homeschooler but it also caught the attention of his fifth grade brother My only complaint is that it could have includedinformation. Text And Contemporary Photographs Chronicle The Life Of Immigrant Children At Home, School, Work, And Play During The LateS And EarlyS